About Us

A message from our founder

Sift Food Labels is a project very personal to me, born of my obsession around the ingredients in our food and the lack of transparency from food manufacturers.

This journey began for me when I was pregnant with my son. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and became much more aware of the foods that I was eating. Grocery shopping took hours as I looked up any unfamiliar ingredient to be sure it wasn’t a sugar (sugar, sugar alcohol, or artificial sweetener). Even with that level of dedication, sugars would still sneak their way into my diet.

Fast forward a year later when I began questioning the laundry list of additives that are in our foods. Reading It Starts with Food was a game changer for me as I became more aware of all the junk that we allow in our foods here in the U.S. I was shocked! How is this possible? I was naive to think that the government was regulating ingredients in the food industry. So I became even more obsessive about food labels.

One day, I was napping with my son and woke up with a thought: Why does it have to be so hard? We live in a day and age where convenience is king, yet helping my family and I eat healthy is a painful and time consuming chore. This is where the idea for Sift Food Labels was born. Having found my true passion, I left a successful career in the corporate world to devote myself to Sift. And here I am.

My hope is that Sift Food Labels makes us more empowered shoppers and sparks an important discussion around the ingredients in our food. Here’s to a healthier and more transparent future!

Carrie Roberts

Founder & CEO

Available in the U.S. on iOS and Android.